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Helen Verhoeven – Part Pretty


On the occation of the Wolvecamp Prize and the exhibition

Helen Verhoeven, Part Pretty at SCHUNCK* (04/04-29/04/2012)


Part Pretty includes an extensive interview and covers

work from 2006 – 2012


Contributing writers:

Maria Barnas, Tom Morton, and Michelle Swayne


Hardcover, 180 pages, language: english and dutch


Design: mischen, Vera Rammelmeyer, www.mischen-berlin.de

Published by SCHUNCK*, www.schunck.nl


US Distribution: D.A.P. www.artbook.com

European Distribution: Idea Books www.ideabooks.nl

ISBN 987-94-90624-22-4







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Hoge Raad – Een op Een


This book was published upon the completion of the painting Hoge Raad (Supreme Court). Hoge Raad is a 4 x 6,5 meter painting that was commissioned for the new building of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands in The Hague.


The book contains a 1:1 reproduction of the painting Hoge Raad: each page shows a surface segment, set in the sequence of a mapped grid. Also included is a detailed index of the painting’s historical references.


Contributing writers:

Maria Barnas (essay) and Jasper Gerretsen (index)


Soft cover, 368 pages (344 of which are color)

Size: 24 x 34 cm

Languages: english and dutch


Design: Alon Levin

Photography: Johannes Schwartz

Distribution: Idea Books www. Ideabooks.nl

Idea Code 16216


ISBN 9789081465700